Florida vs. Vermont proves Lockdowns Work

There’s a lot of Florida vs. California stories going around to “prove” that lockdowns don’t work. It’s really all about cherry picking your data. So I’ll cherry pick mine!

In Florida, Gov. DeSantis opened the state back up in September.

In Vermont, Gov. Scott tightened measures in the fall.

How’d that work out?

Unemployment rate:

  • Vermont: 3.2%
  • Florida: 4.8%

Covid 19 cases/100K:

  • Vermont: 2723
  • Florida: 9047

Covid 19 deaths/100K:

  • Vermont: 34
  • Florida: 150


Thanks to the aggressive lockdowns and mask measures in Vermont, that state’s residents were much safer than Florida, and have a lower unemployment rate to show for it!

Had Florida achieved Vermont’s results, 25,000 Floridians would still be alive today.



Charles McGuinness

I've been part of the world of high-tech since the era of disco, which gives me a skeptical view of today's new hotness. Opinions are my own, not employers.